North American F-100 Super Sabre

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Crowood's North American F-100 Super Sabre

Comments and Corrections

By David W. Menard

  • p4 …in the USAF's twenty-eight F-100…
  • p8 Everest not in the cockpit (AF officers do not use T-shirts as outer garments!) and it might not be Welch on the ladder either!
  • p37 63361 from DWM collection whom Joe Vincent obtained a copy from
  • p50 64003 not a -20, is a -15, a DWM oversight when proofing before final printing
  • p57 Julius Caesar was on 7 Aug 59, a real mistake by DWM when proofing
  • p58 Skyblazers: 36th flew F-84E, 86th flew F-84E, and 48th used F-84G one year, then F-86F
  • p63 Mike Bilcik is a retired CMSGT, not a MSGT
  • p85 The 613th left DaNang in late April 1965, relieved by the 615th who were there til mid June 1965. Still another DWM mistake when proofing.
  • p153 F-107 did not have a clamshell canopy! It moved more like the F-84F one did.
  • p154 F-107 not moved to Sheppard AFB TX to be burned, was done at Norton AFB CA.
  • p158 The 21st TFW inactivated in June 1960 so the 416th and 531st answered directly to the 39th Air Division (along with the 4th FIS w/F-102As and 45 TRS w/ RF-101Cs) and were thus til the spring of 1964 when the two Hun units moved to England AFB LA to join the brand new 3rd TFW. The "old" 3rd was a B-57 equipped unit at Yokota AB Japan til the spring of 1964. This was overlooked from proofing.
  • No photo proof that any unit of the 8th FBW/TFW ever flew any model of the F-84 but tons of shots of unit marked F-86Fs. Another DWM oversight.
  • p159 4403rd TFW was at England AFB LA. An overlooked correction.
  • p160 323rd was a FD Group, not a Wing (they were one of two groups under the 450th FDW with the other group the 450th) Still another DWM oversight.
  • p156 NAVS listing has 55 and 56 models together, various block numbers
  • p170 USAF Museum F-100C was 54-1753 (a/c now in Birmingham AL museum) and their F-100F is 56-3837.

(The above information and comments were copied from a letter sent to me by Dave Menard. Any discrepencies between what he sent to me and the above are my fault. Ben Brown)