North American F-100 Super Sabre

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6251st Tactical Fighter Wing 1965

Bien Hoa AB, RVN

Squadron Sqn Color Sqn Name Years
307 TFS Blue Stingers 1965
416 TFS   Silver Knights 1965
429 TFS Yellow Black Falcons 1965

307th Tactical Fighter Squadron  307 TFS

416th Tactical Fighter Squadron  416 TFS

429th Tactical Fighter Squadron  429 TFS

  • F-100D
    Capt. Vito Tomasino arrives at Bien Hoa AB in 1965
    Bert Tomasino Collection
  • F-100
    429 TFS, Jerry Hicks Performing After Start Checklist
    Jerry Hicks Photo
  • F-100
    429 TFS
    TDY to Bien Hoa AB RVN
    Jerry Hicks Photo
  • F-100
    429 TFS
    Over the Delta
    Jerry Hicks Photo